BestMilk Team 

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful service.

We are a UK private milk bank supporting parents who struggle with breastfeeding, to obtain pure 100% breast milk to optimise their baby’s immune system.
John Points
BestMilk Milk Bank Laboratory Director

John has international recognition for his expertise in food and healthcare quality and safety management. He led a large testing laboratory for over 20 years, and worked developing national and international testing and QC guidelines.

He has developed and rolled-out quality and safety policies for major food and pharmaceutical companies, including Sainsbury’s and GSK.

John is a Member of the Institute of Food Science & Technology and of the UK Independent Expert Committee on Pesticide Residues in Food.

Justine McNulty
BestMilk Midwife

Justine is BestMilk midwife providing breastfeeding guidance and support. Her passion lays in dedicating herself to breastfeeding mothers and their babies, the area she specialises in. Justine is a registered midwife previously working in one of the country’s busiest NHS maternity units.

“For me, it is about offering mothers more choice. When a mother is unable or chooses not to breastfeed, her only alternative up to now, was artificial feed. I am so excited that we now have such a wonderful alternative, and more choice. At BestMilk I am devoted to supporting mums and babies on their breastfeeding journey.”

Andy Kerridge

Andy developed Bestmilk’s safety and quality procedures. He has over 25 years experience as a microbiologist and food safety and quality specialist working for various national and multinational companies, including leading on the safety of airline food for a major international carrier and Director Quality Assurance for BurgerKing Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Andy is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science & Technology and a member of its Covid-19 Advisory Group.

Jagla Palasi
BestMilk Milk Bank Technician

Jagla is at the heart of daily operations of Bestmilk milk bank. With her outstanding qualifications and training in Food Quality Management & Safety, degree in Food Science and Technology and multiple years of experience in food sample preparation, nutritional analysis, hygiene control, microbiological testing and pathogen detection.

Jagla possesses exceptional skills and experience to lead day-to-day operations of the milk bank, screening and pasteurizing breast milk for the babies in need.

Dr Julia Sarno

Julia is a mother who struggled with breastfeeding during her maternity and left academia to devote her life to solving the problem of shortage and scarcity of breast milk helping parents struggling with breastfeeding.

She is a Member of the Institute of Food Science & Technology with research interest in the immunological properties of breast milk and its effects on the baby’s immune system support and development.

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