Our Vision

The concept of wetnursing is centuries old.

Throughout generations, when a child did not have access to breast milk, cultures around the world solved this problem with wetnursing – another mum would breastfeed the needing baby. For instance, the Prophet Mohammed was breastfed by his wetnurse Haleemah.

With 21st century globalisation, migration, and city-living, the ties with local community, neighbourhood and family support are not always possible, or achievable. What is more important, medication and numerous viruses, including the current Covid-19 pandemic, have been increased to an extent never seen before. What was acceptable and common practice in the past, may no longer be a safe solution to many parents today.

Today, formula milk has replaced wetnursing. Although infant formula is the only alternative to natural breast milk and must not be underestimated, it, unfortunately, lacks those vital immunological properties that are present in natural breast milk. These immunological properties are responsible for the optimum development of the baby’s immune system for life1.

At BestMilk, we combine the very best of the traditional wetnursing with modern technology-screening and gentle pasteurisation. This retains breast milk’s valuable nutritional and immunological properties that optimise the baby's immune system, providing your child the best start in life.

Why the cost?

All breast milk we provide is free. We do not charge for it.

Our charges cover two significant costs:

1) Fair expenses reimbursement to wetnurses: expressing, sterilising and storage equipment; extra grocery bills and necessary supplements to support the mum during breastfeeding; childcare expenses while the mum is expressing and sharing her excess milk, as well as taking necessary rest before and after.

In BestMilk we believe the sharing mother’s needs must be recognised. Only once we start acknowledging them, can we consider ourselves as a fair society that truly puts the mother and her child from both sides as a priority. We feel it is our duty to support a breastfeeding mum during her journey and provide full reimbursement of all her incurred expenses.

2) Screening, Quality Control, Serological Testing, Management & Parent Support services.

In order to offer the ultimate quality and safety of breast milk to your child we conduct all necessary checks, including the serological test of the sharing mum. We are proud to say we work with two top UK accredited (UKAS) laboratories. We follow and support each of our sharing as well as recipient families on their breastfeeding journey.

At Bestmilk we believe this is how it should be done and strive for the ultimate service that benefits all the parents and children involved.

BestMilk® - supporting the community, striving for a healthier generation.

1 e.g. immune modulatory molecule sCD14 , CD4+ cells that promote immunological memory, macrophages, lymphocytes T-cells’, cytokines TGFβ , IL-6 and IL-10.

Tutankhamun’s wetnurse Maia 
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