From the Founder

Dr Julia Sarno
"It appeared easy in theory, but it took years of work committed to the cause"
"The idea of a service to help parents struggling with breastfeeding, came to me when I had my son and could not breastfeed. I was desperately looking for safe breast milk for my child. I felt like it was my fault that my son could not receive so-much needed breast milk, and felt I had to find a solution for him.

Around that time my friend, Barbara, telephoned me and cried on the phone because her daughter has developed various food allergies. Barbara took the blame on herself for not being able to breastfeed when her daughter was a baby. That was the crucial moment when I started thinking about how to resolve the pressing issue of scarcity of breast milk in our society. I started reading various forums for mums and discovered that my friend and I are not alone, there are many of us with the same problem.

Shortly after, I left academia to devote my life to this cause. I wanted a service that would support parents struggling with breastfeeding, by delivering to them safe breast milk for their baby by clicking a few buttons on the computer. I believed it should be as simple and easy for them as ordering pizza from Deliveroo. After all, if we can order food online for adults in the 21st century, why can’t we order natural food for our babies in the same easy and convenient way?

It appeared easy in theory, but it took years of work committed to the cause by the team of scientists, doctors, paediatricians and microbiologists, to develop the system we have now created.

Today we are proud to say we have put our heart into a service that we hope will make your parenthood easier and your baby healthier."

— With my love and devotion to the mum and her baby
UK Private Milk Bank Delivering
Pure 100% breast milk to your baby
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