Frequently Asked Questions

How the BestMilk service works?
1) Fill Order Now Form;
2) In the Message outline the age of your child and why you would like to order breast milk;
3) Our advisor will call you back shortly and help you to choose the best option for you and place the order;
4) Depending on the option and package you choose, breast milk will be delivered to you via a specialist refrigerated courier;
5) We offer a free follow-up consultations with our experienced breastfeeding specialist who will provide support and guidance;
6) If you are referred by your doctor or lactation specialist, please provide us with their details.

How does BestMilk differ to breast milk supplied by the NHS?
If your child is premature or severely ill, you may be eligible for NHS supplied breast milk. Please contact your GP.

While BestMilk offers NHS gold quality standard frozen breast milk, we also offer our BestMilk Premium range. BestMilk’s NHS gold standard frozen breast milk has 3 months shelf life, while BestMilk Premium range breast milk has only 5 days shelf life and available on demand and by pre-orders only.

Please contact our Parent support line 020 7157 9953 for advise and helping you to choose the best option for you and your baby.

Our purpose is to help all parents to meet the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommended guidelines on feeding babies natural breast milk, while scarce breast milk is supplied to babies most in need.

We welcome enquiries from all parents unable or struggling with breastfeeding.
Delivery Areas
We are currently covering London, Surrey, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire areas only. We are constantly growing and expanding. Contact us to see when we are coming to your neighbourhood soon.
Covid-19 Safe
Your baby’s health is of paramount importance to us.
At BestMilk we take pride in ensuring your baby only receives safe pure breast milk.

We know you are concerned about the current COVID-19 situation and the safety of donor breast milk. 
At the Bestmilk milk bank we take all necessary measures and conduct our screening and pasteurisation in compliance with European Milk Banking Association COVID-19 guidelines.

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What are my guarantees?
BestMilk guarantees safety and quality of all supplied breast milk. It is our expertise. BestMilk' strict Quality Control procedures and Screening Policies have been set up to go over and above the NHS golden standard to ensure premium quality. We work only with the best and most reputable UKAS accredited laboratories to perform our advanced screening and quality control so you can rest assured, concentrating on yourself and enjoying your baby, while we will take care of his food.

How soon will I receive the milk for my baby?
It is of paramount importance to get the milk to your baby and we will always go the extra mile to ensure we do. However, our supply depends entirely upon availability and, therefore, we would kindly ask that you place your order in advance or as early as possible. We work on a first come first served basis but will always do what we can to accommodate you.
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