How much does the BestMilk service cost?

The BestMilk service ranges depending on the age of your baby and the package you wish to go for.  

Our most popular 5,000ml package, consists of 25 bottles of pure breast milk with a cost of £500, and may feed your newborn for up to a month. If you have a toddler with a good appetite, then you may need an exclusive package tailored to your child's needs. Call our Parent Support 020 7157 9953 and our experienced breastfeeding advisor will create a special package that will meet yours and your baby's  needs. 
What does your baby need right now?
  • Example 1. If you have your own supply and would like an occasional top up, or would like to enhance your baby's diet with immunological breast milk, it would be in the range of £80 — £200 a month, depending on the child's age and how much milk you would like to order for him.
  • Example 2. If you wish your baby to be exclusively fed on pure BestMilk breast milk it would be in the range of £500 — £1,000 depending on his age.
While mother's milk is free, the costs for BestMilk service can be broken down as:
  • Donating mum's expenses reimbursement that include: the costs of expressing and storage equipment, extra grocery bills, childcare expenses, travel expenses for serological testing, etc.;
  • BestMilk's organisation, direct laboratory screening of breast milk against pathogens, serological analyses, management and parent support;
  • Courier delivery.

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