BestMilk COVID-19 Safety

Your baby’s health is of paramount importance to us.
At BestMilk we take pride in ensuring your baby only receives safe pure breast milk.

We know you are concerned about the current COVID-19 situation and the safety of donor breast milk. For this reason, we bring you the very latest scientific insight and the World Health Organisation driven best practice for milk banks around Europe.

At the Bestmilk milk bank we take all necessary measures and conduct our screening and pasteurisation in compliance with European Milk Banking Association COVID-19 guidelines.

How We Do It:

All our recruitment, interviews and consultations with our donating mums are currently carried out online to reduce the risk of contamination.
BestMilk has a robust COVID-safe process for milk collection from our donors following latest practices to ensure safety of our staff and donating mums.
All our donors sign BestMilk Terms for Donating Breast Milk with each single donation that ensures they are in good health and will report to us as soon as possible if they become unwell. If our donating mum reports COVID-19 symptoms, she cannot donate for 14 days until a rhinopharyngeal swab is taken. Donation is temporary discontinued until the result of the swab. If the culture is positive for SARS CoV-2, donation is interrupted until a negative culture is found.
BestMilk does not accept breast milk from COVID-positive donors.
All BestMilk breast milk is professionally pasteurised to ensure it is COVID-free.
New research by Australian scientists shows that professional pasteurisation carried out in a milk bank destroys the virus causing COVID-19:
The latest information on COVID-19
Banked donor human milk is pasteurized at a temperature and duration kills the coronavirus:
Latest research confirms live virus causing COVID-19 has not been detected in breastmilk in COVID-positive mothers:
There is increasing evidence illustrating the presence of anti-COVID-19 antibodies in breast milk that may potentially provide protection to babies, as part of the natural immune protection that breast milk offers:
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